The Project

Welcome to the website of our study “rehabilitation for people with back pain”

Dear participants, the University of Lübeck and the Martin-Luther-University Halle Wittenberg are currently examining together which factors support or hinder the application for medical rehabilitation and how effective are medical rehabilitation Services.
By visiting our website you will be informed about current project plans, results and publications.

Start of the second survey

The survey documents of the second survey wave are printed and mailed by the German Pension Insurance North and the German Pension Insurance Central Germany. We welcome your participation in our study.

End of our first survey wave

Our first survey wave ended on 31 August 2017. We are pleased to have more than 10.000 participants. Thank you for your participation.

Publication of our study protocol

What is the scientific Background of the project REHAB-BP? Which data are analysed and how will the data be assessed and evaluated? You can find these information in our publication in the journal BMC Public Health. Click here to go to the fulltext of the publication.

Welcome to the 10,000th participant!

The survey has been running for a while and many people have decided to support us with their participation. Currently, we are happy to get a completed questionnaire from the 10,000th participant! We would like to express our gratitude at this opportunity to all participants!